NORDAGENT OY Technology with long lifetime

NORDAGENT OY Technology with long lifetime


Dust control system to Sweden

Nordagent sold the dust control system 2022 to the Swedish power plant Söderenergi AB at the end of the year. It is the control of fuel dust during its transportation process. The installations will be done in the summer of 2024.

Finn Clean

Cleaning fair Finn Clean, in Pirkkahalli 15.-16.3. We participated in the cleaning trade fair with our German principle Biothys GmbH. The cleaning industry is one of the areas of the Service sector where the handling of waste and odors are important issues. At the fair, we talked with several people who work in the maintenance side of cities, municipalities, etc. Odor problems are everyday challenges for them. Even though cleaning and washing have been done, the smell still remains in dirty dishes, basins, machines, trash cans, waste containers, premises in general. The fair was clearly a significant place to visit. There were a lot of visitors. We gave visitors samples of different odor removal agents for testing. We thank everyone who participated and wish you a clean, fresh summer.

New website

We finally get new websites. At the end of 2022, it was decided to make new websites with Turku University of Applied Sciences. The website will be completed in the spring of 2023. I hope that the website will provide more information to our customers and will be more pleasant to use.

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